Wood Wobots

I was so happy to participate in not one but TWO Etsy: Made in Canada events this year. Joe was in Hamilton with Makeology and I was in Toronto with the 416Hustlers Team. I also got to run a one hour workshop making Wood Robots with a group of enthusiastic kids and parents. We've been working on some exciting new programming for kids and adults that require zero previous experience/woodworking knowledge. We think it's so important to get kids interested in doing things for themselves, and woodworking is not just a technical skill-set with tools and materials, but a lesson in problem solving, patience and creativity. We are always so excited to see what wacky robots come out of these workshops and there were some amazing little dudes created at this one.



If you're interested in bring us to your classroom or for Birthday Party event details, don't hesitate to get in touch: dayna@jbplusdg.com