Overhaul at the QEPCCC

Overhaul is moving to the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre.  Stop by if you live in the Oakville area during it's stay, the first two weeks of June.



Resident Artist Collaborative Exhibition


Within the framework of the Gallery, the Living Arts Centre Resident Artists collaborate across studios and together with members of the community to create innovative pieces that transform the exhibition space. Through collaboration, a process of experimentation and creative problem solving, artists implement various systems while re-negotiating existing structures and methodologies within their individual studio practices. This exhibition alters the primary focus of the Gallery from the display of artworks to the facilitation of the production of significant works. The artists employ a series of systematic approaches to bridge the gap between studio practice and traditional gallery practice, creating works that reflect pertinent issues influencing artists today, labour and technology, production, authorship and ownership. Overhaulfeatures work in glass, wood, ceramics, textiles, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and new media.

Posted on May 3, 2014 .