Spring Dreams


A few weeks ago Dayna and I took a road trip to see my folks in Port Dover.  One of our favourite spots to visit in my hometown is Len's Mill Store, a fabric, yarn, and sewing supply shop packed to the rafters with good ol' country charm.

I have fond memories of Len's from my days as a mischievous little boy hiding from my mom or grandmother among the endless bolts of cloth and giant rolls of vinyl.  The Mill Store was a maze of texture and tactile wonder.

The magic of that place hasn't faded since my youth.  Walking in with my wife, we wander the aisles full of yarn, press our hands deep into the bins full of buttons, and marvel at the seemingly endless supply of rooster themed fabrics on display.

Our last trip to Len's yielded the discovery of fine brass hoops and an abundance of fine thread that we used to make a few dreamcatchers.

There we stood in the embroidery aisle, lost in the abundance of colour and promising palettes, comparing our selections, messing up the tidy display of thread.  The little farm boy who still lives in my heart had a great afternoon and I feel lucky to be crafting a project that lets him take the wheel and drive the tractor.

These dreamcatchers contain moments of childhood joy in their material. 

Posted on March 20, 2015 .